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Investment Letter (home)

art-1 : Why Switzerland HOME

Why Switzerland?

Precision, craftsmanship and skill: these are the words most often associated with the "Made in Switzerland” label. Not without reason. Attention to detail and the quest for perfection are an integral part of the Swiss work ethic, carefully passed down from generation to generation.

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art-2 : Asset Management HOME

Asset management

Banque Thaler is not a general bank, but one dedicated to portfolio management. Our job is to preserve your assets, generate growth...

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art-3 : A clear and strong balance sheet

Our bank

Originally an asset management company, founded in 1982 by the descendant of a major French family, the company exercised its financial expertise in a historic building on the shores of the lake. In 1989 it upgraded its status to a full Swiss bank.

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art-4 : Regulatory Information HOME

Important Information

Recent developments in the liquidation process of Thema International Fund Plc ...

An agreement has been signed between Ageas and a number of former shareholders of the late Fortis SA/NV...

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Investment Topics (home)

Investment themes

Gold and goldmines

A geopolitical insurance

The more President Trump pressures (or even sanctions)...read


Out of the doldrums

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), the reference for single voyage...read


Shale is the name of the game

The oil price plummeted more than 20% in November, ending...read

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