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African Drive

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African Drive was started six years ago by a group of Belgian entrepreneurs, with a focus on economic and social impact in countries with poor global infrastructure and little formal economic activities.

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The first investment, Baobab Express, was born out of a desire to provide safe, reliable and punctual transport in the country of Benin, as well as stimulating local business by providing mobility to the local population. And the service is clearly proving to be a great success. Baobab Express now has a team of 228 people, bringing passengers daily to their destinations, at affordable prices, safe and on time. The bus Fleet currently consists of 29 busses with a total capacity of 1301 seats.


The transportation network is expanding to cover the south of the country, and eventually the whole of Benin. Besides financial results, they are focusing on economic progress and creating regional prosperity in difficult areas.


Currently, African Drive is looking to expand its investments into two new areas: Technology and Energy.

Baobab Tech is developing a smartphone application to make reservations for passengers and packages and to effectuate digital payments.

Baobab Energy is a project that tries to tend to several needs and acute problems in Benin: short distance mobility, electricity access and air pollution. Feasibility studies are on the way to measure the sustainability and the impact on the Beninese society of this new ecosystem Baobab Energy wants to develop, combining a new type of battery charged by solar energy for electric bikes and household appliances.

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